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My second largest interest after art is Genealogy and History. Since childhood I was always interested in the roots of our family. After 30 plus years of research on the Bork family, I used oral interviews, historical records, genetic analysis, and other records, to obtain information about our family. I decided that those valuable information should never be lost, so my notes turned into sentences, paragraphs' and eventually in stories to demonstrate the kinship and pedigrees of the different family branches and its members. Starting with the first known ancestors, the family history included additional biographical information, family traditions, and covered not just lineage, but also family and community history. Often, the  Genealogy research required analyzing documents and drawing conclusions based on the evidence provided from the available documents. The tracing and documenting of the lineage of the Bork Family is published in a series of books. For this purpose I started my self-publishing company in 2002. Although not pursuing this as a full-time vocation, so far I have published 9 books, I  was the winner for “Best short story” with my book “Die Gräfin und der Bauerer” for IDA, Germany.

Click each image for more info. Instructions on how to obtain my books, see below. Thanks

If you are a Genealogist with a connection to the Bork family or just simply would like to read about my research,

Volume I to IV of the journey is available for purchase. Due to the high price of printing (many pages are of full colour) I am offering PDF versions of all 4 books. It allows you to read the books on your computer or kindle e-reader or print them yourself. The research I have done over the last 40 years is priceless, a labour of love. Therefore I have decided that each PDF books is available for a monetary donations in the amount of your choice. It is the simplest ways to contribute and support my ongoing research.

Please send me a brief e-mail to with the subject "The Journey Book", indicating which Vol. you would like to read. I will send out the e-book a.s.a.p. to you. Use the donate button below for your contribution.

Thank you

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