An expert colourist, MABO has embraced modernism with his own original mixture of stylistic motifs.

Roundness and bulk are suggested by variations in colour intensity. The combination of active contours, depth and brightly coloured areas gives a surging rhythm to the art of MABO. He has a strong affinity for coherent two-dimensional patterns with an emphasis on spatial interaction. MABO is proficient in various media. His painted furniture is explosive and Bauhaus-influenced and can summon up images, which are Pre-Columbian or evocative of Juan Gris and Picasso.

Personally, MABO is serene and contemplative with a very good sense of humour. He is a well traveled man whose achievements include household murals and large-scale commercial decors e.g. an entire restaurant done in Thai-style, involving carving, painting, stencil-work and fabric.

Canadian Artist Paul Gosen

Much like Picasso and Cézanne, MABO produces very influential works of art. His artwork is rich in colour and forms. MABO uses interpretive paths by invoking social and cultural understandings. He creates impact with the use of colour and forms; this is the essence of keeping his artwork simple. There are two reasons why it is important to bring attention to his artwork. First, the greatest challenge to an artist is colour; MABO's artwork may be highly illuminated with colour. Second, MABO achieves clarity and simplicity. Moreover, people are drawn to this way of simplicity. MABO seeks interpretive clues in his artwork and all sorts of communicative interaction.

Columbian Artist Janet Ulloa Riano

Matthias, I like your murals and your furniture painting,

it's very original!

Romina Power

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